Tom Holcomb - June 20, 2019
Bought Lilac Point Balinese female.  Now six years old.  Beautiful cat.  Nice personality.  Wish I could care for more.  Highly recommend.  One of the nicest cats I've ever owned.  

Tara Stabler -  May 1, 2019
The loyalty Louis exhibits to his cats and kittens no matter where they might be on this Earth is amazing.  This doesn't only extend to his fur babies but also to each family that comes to him for a kitten.  He is exemplary in character, honesty and friendship.  And he is the King at producing the most beautiful Siamese, Balinese and Orientals around.  He has a true gift.   

William Lee - April 22, 2019
I highly recommend getting a kitten from Louis and his wonderful family with Permes cats. My Balinese kitten (Long Haired Siamese) is exactly what he said she would be. Angel has a wonderful temperament and is also very easily trainable. Also me and my mom normally have really bad allergic reactions to cats but with the scientific proof out there that this breed is at least 90% hypoallergenic we are not being affected all that much. It’s wonderful. I know some have a hard time with the price tag for Cattery kittens but his prices are consistent with the area and I honestly think that buying a kitten from Louis was one of the best decisions I could have ever made in buying an animal. Him and the people that live in his household in Poulsbo Washington are such sweet people. It’s going to be a 5 out of 5 from me. 

Rachel Howell - March 29, 2019
Louis runs an amazing cattery.  I adopted the sweetest Balinese kitten from him and couldn't be happier.

Steve Frederick - March 20, 2019
Five stars cannot possibly do Louis and his amazing cattery justice. In August 2018, we welcomed one of his beautiful cinnamon point males into our family, and it was one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made. Our little guy Valentin is stunningly beautiful, intelligent, outgoing, and affectionate. He is truly one of the family and loves to participate in every aspect of our lives. Anytime a lap is available, he comes to sit in it. No lap? No problem. He’ll cuddle on ...your back, your arm, your chest, your leg. You’ll even get a complimentary bath and gentle hairstyling. Valentin loves to talk, and offers his opinion on everything from you hitting the two-minute snooze button, to the delicious cheese you’re eating at lunch, to the fireplace not being turned on in the morning. He adores people and our other pets, and is a constant companion. And last, but not least, Louis has been phenomenal. He worked with us every step of the way to ensure that we had a kitten who was a good fit for our home (we already had a Siamese and a Doberman.) We flew from Nevada to pick up Valentin, and Louis made sure we had all the necessary paperwork and accommodations to ensure a smooth flight home. He is quick to respond to questions and concerns, and was a wealth of knowledge about Oriental Shorthair cats and feline care. We feel grateful every single day that Louis entrusted us with one of his amazing kittens....

Nichole Gebbers - ...March 14, 2019
My family adopted a sweet little girl kitty we named Luna from Louis. The entire experience was wonderful. Louis took the time to make sure the kitten matched our family. We had lost our long time family cat and were very heartbroken with the void that created.
Our kitten is a perfect fit. Loving, smart and blended perfectly into our home. She is playful, smart and truly beautiful. Louis breeds pure bred classic lines with loving temperaments. We could not be happier. Thank you Louis❤️

Barbara Mendivil - February 20, 2019
I just got the most beautiful adorable obedient carefree very smart and the listing goes on and on and on.  I am so very happy thanks to Louis for your help.  You have the most adorable kitties in the whole world.  Thanks very much, he is so elegant and wants to be with you.  I am in love and he loves the house.  Thanks I will call again for a girlfriend for him.  They will look gorgeous together with the most beautiful eyes.  Best XO

Satinka McCraw -  February 4, 2019
My husband and I adopted our Sookie back in July and she is such a wonderful addition to our family. Louis was such a pleasure to work with and the love and care he has for all his fur babies is evident in the careful interviewing he gives each potential home. I appreciated greatly that he cared so much and it made me feel confident about bringing our girl into our home.

Mona Murphy - January 15, 2019
First, Louis the owner took a personal car of who I was, making sure I would be a responsible pet owner, and then real concern that I would get the cat that I would love.  I have purchased 3 cats from breeders that were defective and their early deaths were heartbreaking.  Permes cats are all perfect, beautiful and have great temperaments.  I would never go anywhere else.  I would also buy from his daughter.  Their love and care of their cats come truly from their hearts and care knowledge of breeding.


Stacy Zaid - January 8, 2019
Love our girl from Permes!  Need I say more?!?!

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