2018 Testimonials

Michele Jett - August 1, 2018
Louis:  I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience in purchasing a kitten from Permes Cattery.  From first seeing the picture of my kitten on your site; maneuvering the purchasing process; picking him up at the airport;  to finally getting him home and having more questions for you- your service and availability have been beyond reproach.  The kitten arrived immaculate and healthy (everything from him to his crate was new, clean, and sweet-smelling!).  My OSH kitten is even more beautiful in person.  I would not hesitate to purchase another kitten from you and I highly recomment your services to anyone interested in only top-notch quality.  I'll send pictures soon. Thank you, Michele  

Ariel Woodruff -  July 20, 2018
My boy Jedi is *exactly* what I was looking for: an intelligent, bold, inquisitive and outgoing animal that gets along well with people, cats, and dogs. I told Louis that I was looking for a cat that would be active and eager to work with me while I honed my clicker-training skills; Jedi now knows multiple behaviors and will also run to bed, the door, or me when I tell him. He's also won over an entire family of dog people! I can't imagine life without Jedi. ..

Amanda Lyn Meredith - June 23, 2018
I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to find my kitten here. I'd been looking around thinking about a lynx point boy, then saw a video of a litter and found myself in love with a little ebony girl! Louis was great and dedicated about spending time talking to me about the breed and my experiences with cats. You could tell that he wants his kittens not just to find a home, but to find the right home for them. Every step of the way he was prepared and made sure I knew w...hat was needed. He made sure that his baby girl was going to a home that was ready for her, and I know he'll be there if I ever have any questions. My Little Natasha is also the funniest kitten I could have imagined. She's brave, confident, friendly, playful, and tolerant - a great balance of affection and fun. It only took her about three days to settle in to life here and declare herself in charge of the boys. ;) She has a beautiful temperament and amazing looks, and knowing that her parents have been tested for common issues and carefully chosen from different lines to prevent inbreeding gives me confidence that she'll be with me for years. I never imagined I'd be willing to get on a plane and fly to pick up a kitten, but Louis made sure everything went so smoothly that I'd absolutely have the confidence to do it again. Thank you from all of us! ...

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