2017 Testimonials

Wanda Brouse -  December 25, 2017
Hello, I have had the absolute best experience dealing with Louis at Permes Cattery.  Initially, I called Louis because I was interested in his cat, Tabasco.  It took my husband and I several days to decide if we wanted a cat- and by then, Tabasco was sold.  Needless to say we were disappointed.  We met with Louis and decided to adopt Sarotte (a gorgeous Havana Brown Oriental) and a lovely 3 month cinnamon point kitten, named Quan Yin.  When we took Quan Yin into the vet for her first checkup we learned that she had a birth defect, which could have a long lasting effect to her well being.  The vet did not have a good prognosis for our kitten.  My heart was broken.  I had fallen in love with Quan Yin.  When I called Louis- he said his heart just fell to the floor.  He gave me several options.   He offered to refund my money; or swap kittens with me.  I loved our kitten and I couldn't imagine giving her back, so I kept her.  I wasn't the easiest to get along with when Louis and I were talking.  I tried to be civil, but I was pouty and worried about my kitten.  My husband and I made the drive to meet with Louis again.  Louis and I talked and he made me a generous offer and a 2nd kitten.   And the best news ever-  the cat I originally wanted, Tabasco, had been returned to Louis due to personal reasons- but he is absolutely perfect for us.  I can't tell you how much we adore Tabasco.  He is charming and loving leater and all the cats follow his lead.  We have amazing peace in this household with our 4 cats.  Raising and matching cats with homes is not a job for someone who is not patient with cats and prospective owners.  So much can go wrong.  Throughout this transaction Louis has demonstrated composure and endurance.  He really wanted me to be happy with my cat purchase and I am.  My husband and I love our cat family.  Our cats add so much Joy and ufn to our household.   Wanda  ... 

Linda Marcher Burkhardt - August 25, 2017
I am now proudly owned by three beautiful cats bred by Louis. I can't say enough about the support and care shown to me as I picked up each of my babies. There is a wealth of knowledge and sincere love for these animals that was unselfishly shared every time I visited. His cats and kittens get nothing but the best. When I took my kittens in to my vet for their new kitten check, they were amazed at the health records I brought with me. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder. My babies each have their own special personalities, but one thing they all share is an affectionate nature. There may be a bit of mischief in there too, but two of them ARE still children....August 25, 2017